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6:00am Kettlebell Group Fitness Kettlebell Group Fitness
7:00am Kettlebell Group Fitness Kettlebell Group Fitness
9:00am Kettlebell
10:00am Strength & Stretch
11:30am INTRO
4:00pm Strength & Stretch
4:30pm Open Gym Open Gym Open Gym Open Gym
5:30pm Kettlebell Group Fitness Kettlebell Group Fitness
6:30pm Kettlebell Group Fitness Kettlebell

Grant Park , Atlanta Gym


Please EMAIL to set up an Intro. Before joining our group fitness and kettlebell classes, you will attend the Intro class.  This class covers proper form and exercise technique, building a solid foundation to get you started on your journey. (60-75 min.)

SATURDAY: By appointment only



Our group fitness classes are for the cardio-endurance junkies. Through a combination of various equipment and body weight exercises, we offer a comprehensive workout that is fun and challenging. Expect to work, sweat, and laugh a little too. (45-60 min.)


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Find your strength with our Russian-style kettlebell classes. We combine fast-paced ballistic movements with slower grinds to create a stable foundation of strength unlike anything you get from other workouts. (45-60 min.)



Yoga is the foundation for a healthy mind and body. Mobility, breath work, and peace of mind make yoga an essential part of any complete exercise routine. We offer Hatha style classes appropriate for all levels, this is the perfect place for your practice. Students are encouraged to bring their own mats. (60 min.)